365 Project

This is something that put some little wheels in motion in my head as soon as I read about it: complete a “365” project – create something every day for a whole year. It seems fairly simple, but it takes, as I found out once, a lot of time, energy and self-discipline. Not for me these days, unfortunately… Which is why it became an official Bucket List item.

A few days ago, I found Make something 365 and Get Unstuck and I can’t get enough of browsing through all the projects there. The author, Noah Scalin, shares blogs from people who have completed or are in the process of completing “365” projects. If you have some time and/or if you need some inspiration, check it out!

It reminded me of a project we had to complete in art school, “One Page a Day”. I called mine “Impressions from a Book” and drew something every day based on what I was reading at the time. Even though I didn’t quite keep up with it for 3 months, at the end of it I had a sketchbook full of pictures, a great mix of media and styles and themes, and a lot of ideas for new artwork. It was all worth the effort!

I’ve already started thinking of what I would like to work on every day for a full year. What would you choose?

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