A Tale Worthy Nursery – Old Sultan

Here it is: a new series of blog posts!

Since Picture a Tale sells nursery artwork, what better way to show it off than by pairing it with other beautiful pieces of nursery decor. So each week, for the next seven weeks, I will feature one of the stories that inspired my prints. Lately, I have been spending some time (some might say more than just “some time”…) browsing through Etsy and finding all sorts of wonderful handmade and vintage products. The choice is overwhelming!

This week, the story that gives us the background is “Old Sultan”. A shepherd dog is on the point of being chased away by his master because he is too old, so, with the help of his friend, the wolf, he devises a plan to show how useful he still is. Things get a little complicated when the wolf asks for a favor in return. Here are a few things for an “Old Sultan” inspired nursery:

Decor inspired by illustrated story

1. Chairs for Children Rustic Wood by RhettDidntGiveaDamn

2. 1940 Antique Chalkboard Slate by go seek

3. Rag Crib Quilt The Majestic Forest by Southern Charm Quilts

4. Small Cascading Rainbow Mini Sheep Mobile by Bossy’s Feltworks

5. Sandy Knitted Toy Labrador Dog by Mamma4earth

6. Sheep Wooden Teether Toy by little sapling toys

7. Wolf Wooden Teether Toy by little sapling toys

8. Wolf Original Papercut Mask by Sarah Andreacchio

9. “Old Sultan” Giclee Nursery Print by Picture a Tale

Hope this will give you some ideas. Now, please excuse me, I have to get back to Etsy, I just came across this beautiful silver bracelet that I need to check out a little more closely…

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