A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Queen Bee

Dreaming of spring in the middle of winter: it’s all about bees and sunshine!

This week’s Etsy finds accompany our “Queen Bee” print. The story talks about the unlikeliest of heroes who, by protecting some small creatures, makes them his allies. With their help, he achieves what others stronger but less kind than him were not able to.

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1. Custom Built Dresser by Camille Montgomery

2. Honey Bee Flags from Windsparrow Studio

3. Organic Baby Blanket from Sweet Memories Quilts

4. Floor Cushion from Zigzag Studio

5. Baby Nursery Amigurumi Crochet Bumble Bee Mobile from cherry time

6. Bumble and Buzz – 3 poms from PomLove

7. Ceramic Wall Clock Honeybee from Honeybee Ceramics

8. Wood Toy- MATCH ME- Flowers from apple n amos

9. Giclee print “The Queen Bee” by Picture a Tale

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