Picture a Tale Updates

Things are moving at Picture a Tale! I finally took a little break from Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics and all the other social marketing torture instruments and got something done on this website. Here’s what I can report:

1. The store is now selling the beautiful nursery artwork printed on paper. Thanks to a local printer, I was able to make these available quickly, at a good price and without compromising anything on the highest quality. The images are printed with giclee inks on fine art watercolor paper, which means that they will last for many, many years to come (provided they are treated with minimum care). They can be framed in any way that strikes your fancy. As an example, I found these beautiful barnwood frames online to bring out the folk, vintagey feel of the images.

2. So that friends far away don’t feel left out any longer, Picture a Tale now ships internationally. The shipping prices for one canvas print are $12.95 for Canada and $16.95 for the rest of the world (it might be a little more if you are from very far away). Times depend on how reliable local postal services are, but the USPS website estimates about 6 to 10 business days.

3. After several days of trying, I gave up on the idea of setting up a mobile version of the website. Things were just not looking well at all, despite my efforts. So far it seems that the desktop version displays well on most mobile devices, but if you have any difficulties browsing the website, please let me know. As it is, I will stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

And that’s the scoop for now! Now I have to run, I think my Klout score just went up 2.5 points since the beginning of this post, so I have to find out whom I need to thank for that.

Talk later,


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