Story Time – “Fortunately”

A brand new series of posts, of the “try-at-home” kind: each week – a new storytelling game to play with your little authors.

Since every kid is different, I won’t bother you with “recommended age” type of instructions. You are the best judge of that. In the end, if everybody has fun, that’s all that matters!

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This week’s game is called “Fortunately, Unfortunately” and is very simple. Each person takes a turn at contributing to a story. It can start something like this: “Once upon a time there were 4 birds living in a red wood bird house in an old oak tree right outside the house of the village doctor. Unfortunately…”. The next person continues the sentence. Then they add “Fortunately…” and it’s up to the others to take it from there. And so on. You can alternate between “fortunately” and “unfortunately” and keep the story going for as long as you like or until somebody falls asleep.

Enjoy and talk soon!


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