A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Fisherman and His Wife

This week’s nursery decor theme turns out to be very timely. We are in the sign of Pisces after all. If you don’t believe in all that astrology stuff, no problem, we’ll just have to stick to the original inspiration: the story “The Fisherman and His Wife”. A poor fisherman catches a magic fish, but at his wife’s request asks for more and more favors, until the fish’s patience runs dry.

1. Vintage Fishing Net from Affordable Adronment

2. Let’s Go Fishing Natural Wooden Set from Wooden Moose Creations

3. The Blue Lagoon Dresser from Decorating Insanity

4. Terrific Trio Standing Banner Blue Mason Jar Lights from Boots N Gus

5. The Nightingale Print by Edmund Dulac from King Paper

6. Fishing Boat from Oyma

7. Twin Size Quilt with Sham from Southern Charm Quilts

8. Goldfish Mobile from Southern Pearl Designs

9. “The Fisherman and His Wife” giclee print by Picture a Tale

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