What have I been up to for the past couple of months?

Well, here’s the rundown:


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New prints: a new series based on Mother Goose nursery rhymes is available in the shop. Have you seen it yet?



This website. I decided that it was time to put the idea of running my own online shop to rest and leave it to the pros. So, commercial activities have been transferred completely to the Etsy store, and Picture a Tale, the website, is now entirely dedicated to blue-sky pursuits… such as: blog, pictures, FAQ and taking comments and suggestions.



Pinterest. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it. Also, rethinking the best way to spend precious time and energy for marketing (hint: Facebook and their practices towards small businesses are becoming more and more irritating).




Looking forward to getting back in action!

Talk soon,



A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Fisherman and His Wife

This week’s nursery decor theme turns out to be very timely. We are in the sign of Pisces after all. If you don’t believe in all that astrology stuff, no problem, we’ll just have to stick to the original inspiration: the story “The Fisherman and His Wife”. A poor fisherman catches a magic fish, but at his wife’s request asks for more and more favors, until the fish’s patience runs dry.

1. Vintage Fishing Net from Affordable Adronment

2. Let’s Go Fishing Natural Wooden Set from Wooden Moose Creations

3. The Blue Lagoon Dresser from Decorating Insanity

4. Terrific Trio Standing Banner Blue Mason Jar Lights from Boots N Gus

5. The Nightingale Print by Edmund Dulac from King Paper

6. Fishing Boat from Oyma

7. Twin Size Quilt with Sham from Southern Charm Quilts

8. Goldfish Mobile from Southern Pearl Designs

9. “The Fisherman and His Wife” giclee print by Picture a Tale

Talk soon,


A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Queen Bee

Dreaming of spring in the middle of winter: it’s all about bees and sunshine!

This week’s Etsy finds accompany our “Queen Bee” print. The story talks about the unlikeliest of heroes who, by protecting some small creatures, makes them his allies. With their help, he achieves what others stronger but less kind than him were not able to.

Stay warm,


1. Custom Built Dresser by Camille Montgomery

2. Honey Bee Flags from Windsparrow Studio

3. Organic Baby Blanket from Sweet Memories Quilts

4. Floor Cushion from Zigzag Studio

5. Baby Nursery Amigurumi Crochet Bumble Bee Mobile from cherry time

6. Bumble and Buzz – 3 poms from PomLove

7. Ceramic Wall Clock Honeybee from Honeybee Ceramics

8. Wood Toy- MATCH ME- Flowers from apple n amos

9. Giclee print “The Queen Bee” by Picture a Tale

A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Frog Prince

’Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I
By the fountain cool, in the greenwood

That is how the Frog is calling on the princess to keep her promise of making him her friend. Happily, she does.

Our fourth nursery decor list is inspired by the best known story from the “Picture a Tale” set of prints: “The Frog Prince”.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid sometimes to kiss some frogs!


1. Pine Bed Crown by Mike DeCarlo

2. Antique Victorian High Chair from Niftic Vintage

3. Intarsia Wall Hanging from KitsWoodArt

4. Crochet Baby Blanket from Handmade by Hallien

5. Handmade Wooden Toy Playset from Armadillo Dreams

6. Handmade Knitted Baby Frog Feet Booties from The Miniature Knit Shop

7. The Gobbi – Montessori Baby Mobile from goosedesigns

8. Frog Counted Cross Stitch Pattern from sewingseed

9. “The Frog Prince” giclee print by Picture a Tale

A Tale Worthy Nursery – The Golden Bird

On week three of the series of nurseries inspired from the “Picture a Tale” prints, we are taking on the picture with the slightly confusing name: a fox called “The Golden Bird”. It turns out the fox is the main character of this story, the one who leads the action and helps the hero conquer all obstacles to reach his goals: a golden bird, a golden horse and a princess. The story ends in a seemingly gory, but happy way for the fox.

Browsing through Etsy, I found a whole lot of foxes. It seems like they are starting to take over the owls as the trendy nursery image (well, maybe not yet, there are still flocks and flocks of owls out there!). Here is a toned-down take on the fox nursery:

1. Scalloped Mirror in Natural Wood from Uncommon Handmade

2. A Charming Feathered Friend Paper Birdcage from Little Retreats

3. Curly Maple and Black Walnut Rocking Chair from Straight Arrow Woodcraft

4. Orange Burst Crochet Rug from EKRA

5. Fox Onesie Baby Tank Top from Caustic Threads

6. Wood Rattle Teether Toy – Peace Dove from Smiling Tree Toys

7. Twin Light and Dark Green Apples from ReInkOurNation

8. Hand Printed Deep Red Fox Cushion from HELKATDESIGN

9. “The Golden Bird” giclee print by Picture a Tale

Talk soon,