“I can make that” Nursery Decor – Flower Garland

A couple of months ago I was looking for props to use in the new photos of the “Picture a Tale” prints. Something in a natural, light color, and a little rustic, and a little shabby, and that would remind me a little of Grandma.

And then, while browsing Etsy, I saw these crochet garlands made of flowers that looked exactly like the ones Grandma taught me to make a long time ago. Very fitting! I got to work and got myself a pretty prop and a little decoration for the girl’s room.


If you know the basics of crocheting, it’s not hard and the result is very pretty! Here is how it goes:

Start with hook size B1 and crochet thread size 10.

Round 1: Chain 10 join with slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 2: Chain 2 as first stitch, double crochet 24 into a ring.
Round 3: Chain 5 as first stitch, quadruple crochet, chain 4, *2 quadruple crochet into every second double crochet from rnd 2, chain 4*, repeat 11 times, join with slip stitch to first chain..
Round 4: Into the first chain 4 from rnd 3 : single crochet, double crochet 2, single crochet, single crochet between quadruple crochet, then repeat above to the rest of the circle. join with slip stitch, then chain 30.
Leave a longer piece of thread at the end of each final chain to attach to the next flower in the garland . Final step will be slip stitching to another flower and hiding the loose thread.


Have fun with it a talk soon!