One More Month of Vacation!


Treasure Collection #1

It’s almost August, and for anybody with school-aged kids that means one thing: one more month of vacation! It’s a great time to go over that list of things to do during summer break: are there many left?


Treasure Collection #2

Here’s the report on this family’s side: I did make one of these lists a month or so ago (and I have the proof – ambitious, I know). I have to admit that we’re nowhere near halfway through it. We did do many things that required little planning and so far that seems like the best way to go. We had fun, learned about nature, relaxed and picked some treasures along the way. Living on an island with every possible land form helps, but is not necessary.

seacucumber  sanddollar

So, in case you are in a rut for things to do over the next month, here are some ideas (mostly in the “less planning is more” category):

– Playing in the water. Any kind of water will do: sometimes the backyard sprinklers are just as fun as the water park.

– Checking out books at the library. And while you’re there, stay a while: many public libraries have story time, crafts or, at least, air conditioning (never to be discounted) and many, many books to browse.

– Visiting a museum, discovery center, zoo or aquarium. Have you ever seen the look on a preschooler’s face when they first see a dinosaur skeleton or a live shark?

– Spending time out in the nature: it can be as committed as camping, but playground and a picnic are much more doable in some cases.

– Looking for “treasures”. Any kind of treasures. The first time we did this, Julien asked me if we’re going to find some money like the pirates. I told him that we probably won’t but “treasures” can be many other things that we like a lot. The idea sank in pretty fast and half an hour later we had a bag full of leaves, flowers, rocks and A LOT of sticks (he’s 3).

– Making something with the “treasures”: collages, rubbings, drawings, pressing. Perfect if it ever rains.

Still looking for ideas? Check out my good old list on Pinterest. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I did in checking off some things.

Talk soon,