“I can make that” Nursery Decor – Flower Garland

A couple of months ago I was looking for props to use in the new photos of the “Picture a Tale” prints. Something in a natural, light color, and a little rustic, and a little shabby, and that would remind me a little of Grandma.

And then, while browsing Etsy, I saw these crochet garlands made of flowers that looked exactly like the ones Grandma taught me to make a long time ago. Very fitting! I got to work and got myself a pretty prop and a little decoration for the girl’s room.


If you know the basics of crocheting, it’s not hard and the result is very pretty! Here is how it goes:

Start with hook size B1 and crochet thread size 10.

Round 1: Chain 10 join with slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 2: Chain 2 as first stitch, double crochet 24 into a ring.
Round 3: Chain 5 as first stitch, quadruple crochet, chain 4, *2 quadruple crochet into every second double crochet from rnd 2, chain 4*, repeat 11 times, join with slip stitch to first chain..
Round 4: Into the first chain 4 from rnd 3 : single crochet, double crochet 2, single crochet, single crochet between quadruple crochet, then repeat above to the rest of the circle. join with slip stitch, then chain 30.
Leave a longer piece of thread at the end of each final chain to attach to the next flower in the garland . Final step will be slip stitching to another flower and hiding the loose thread.


Have fun with it a talk soon!



What have I been up to for the past couple of months?

Well, here’s the rundown:


mary mary det      humpty dumpty

New prints: a new series based on Mother Goose nursery rhymes is available in the shop. Have you seen it yet?



This website. I decided that it was time to put the idea of running my own online shop to rest and leave it to the pros. So, commercial activities have been transferred completely to the Etsy store, and Picture a Tale, the website, is now entirely dedicated to blue-sky pursuits… such as: blog, pictures, FAQ and taking comments and suggestions.



Pinterest. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it. Also, rethinking the best way to spend precious time and energy for marketing (hint: Facebook and their practices towards small businesses are becoming more and more irritating).




Looking forward to getting back in action!

Talk soon,




So, here we are: it’s been already a year of Picture a Tale online!

It has been a sometimes fast, sometimes slow year, with a long break right in the middle of it for which I have an adorable, one-toothed excuse.

It has been a year of lessons, some of the “yay, I got it!” variety, some (most) of the more banging-head-against-the-wall kind.

It has been a year of making connections with other talented and self-driven people.

It has been a year of rediscovering how great it is to just sit down and draw sometimes and not think about how many “likes” the Facebook page has or how many people will retweet it.

Before we move on into year 2, I want to send out a big thank you to you all: blog readers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Etsy shoppers and all the other very supportive people who like tales and art!

Happy birthday, Picture a Tale!

Talk soon,