Update: read all about it!

With no seasons and daily routines fit for a 2 year-old, time flies unawares!

Even if I don’t feel it, October is half-way over and it’s time to start planning for the holidays and after. Here is what I have on my “to do” list so far:

  • * November SALE!
  • * On the blog: restart the “storytelling games” series of posts and start a new series about some cool things I found on Etsy (nope, still haven’t kicked that habit). I have a few other things that I wanted to share, but more about that later.
  • * Start working on a set of drawings based on nursery rhymes. I will probably need some help in picking the funniest, quirkiest ones. There will also be a booklet with the actual rhymes.
  • * A couple of giveaways on Facebook (this is where the help will be repaid).

So far that’s it. And now that it’s written it can’t be unwritten, so I’ll need to stick with it! I guess the time for napping is long gone.

Talk soon,


Back from a two month nap (and a baby)

A recap of my last two months as far as Picture a Tale is concerned:

Give up blogging, nap, give up posting on Facebook and Twitter, nap, give up checking Facebook and Twitter, nap, nap, give up sitting in front of the computer…

To my defense, these have been the last couple of months of pregnancy, so I decided to spend a more time with the kids (and nap). It all culminated in the birth of baby no. 3, a sweet little girl who, so far, loves to hang out in mom’s arms every sleeping and waking moment.

Over the past week or so I started to feel a little of the old energy coming back. So, although still in a sleep-deprivation-induced haze, here I am, in front of the computer, blogging again and checking Twitter and Facebook (some posts coming soon too).

First on the agenda: celebrating 6 months of Picture a Tale by running a sale – starting May 11, everything on the website will be 40% off! Mark the date and spread the word, this website needs some action! And so do I, right after this nap…

Talk soon,