The Big Move – PAT Updates

Big changes are coming up at Picture a Tale!


Moving Day in New York (1869)

After 5 years of sun, sand and surf, we are packing up and moving eastward, to the big city, and I mean The Big City: New York. Yes, I wasn’t joking when I was talking about a big change. We will miss the islands dearly, but we are at the point where the change is welcome. I am looking forward to seeing the reactions of the kids to all the new things they will see and experience.

As for Picture a Tale, I am looking forward to some positive changes as well:

  • Less expensive shipping. This has been the bane of my entrepreneurial existence, so here’s to cheap shipping that doesn’t take weeks to reach the customer!
  • Better printing options.
  • “Normal” hours for social media work. Everything seems to work on EST in the social media world. No more replying to people at insane hours of the day.
  • More opportunities to get the prints into real stores.

Other than this, there will be some new prints in the shop this fall. Getting ready for the holiday shopping… But until then expect to hear some more about this move. I’m not done saying goodbye to Maui just yet.

Talk soon,



Update: read all about it!

With no seasons and daily routines fit for a 2 year-old, time flies unawares!

Even if I don’t feel it, October is half-way over and it’s time to start planning for the holidays and after. Here is what I have on my “to do” list so far:

  • * November SALE!
  • * On the blog: restart the “storytelling games” series of posts and start a new series about some cool things I found on Etsy (nope, still haven’t kicked that habit). I have a few other things that I wanted to share, but more about that later.
  • * Start working on a set of drawings based on nursery rhymes. I will probably need some help in picking the funniest, quirkiest ones. There will also be a booklet with the actual rhymes.
  • * A couple of giveaways on Facebook (this is where the help will be repaid).

So far that’s it. And now that it’s written it can’t be unwritten, so I’ll need to stick with it! I guess the time for napping is long gone.

Talk soon,